After twelve years of offering only one dry wine, the red Meden Agan, Papantonis Winery produced an elegant dry white wine called Metron Ariston (pronounced “m`e-tron `a-ree-ston”) in 2005. It is made from the indigenous variety Rhoditis (65%) and from Chardonnay (35%). The grapes are derived from the Malandreni vineyards in the province of Argolis. It is a Regional Wine of the Peloponnese.

It has a soft lemon colour with green highlights. Aromas of spring, ripe grapefruit, ripe lime, pear and peach come to the nose. Finally, its full body is dominated by a fresh acidity that rejuvenates the palate leaving a long and pleasant aftertaste. Ideally served at 9°-11°C accompanying seafood and white meats.

The name of the wine Metron Ariston, meaning ‘moderation is best’ implies the avoidance of extremes in the lives of human beings. It expresses the pursuit of the Golden Mean and Harmony in the majority of human activities.

The saying ‘metron ariston’ is attributed to Cleobulus of Rhodes, one of the seven sages of Greece. It has the same meaning as the other maxim ‘meden agan’ (‘nothing in excess’) carved on the entrance of the temple of Apollo in Delphi.


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